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The concept of a farmers’ market is not a new one. Far back in history farmers have bartered and sold goods. A farmers’ market simply sells locally produced goods to local people. Farmers’ markets benefit the locally environment by encouraging small-scale less intensive production, reducing the effects of long distance transport of goods, and reducing packaging. They benefit producers and consumers by providing a social meeting point, giving them direct contact with each other, and encouraging goodwill and understanding between rural and urban populations.


Bath & North East Somerset Council (B&NES) had agreed to encourage the production and consumption of local food as a way of addressing some of the social, economic and environmental problems which concerned local people.

Evidence of peoples’ concerns had been gathered by Local Agenda 21 Issue Commission, set up by the Council to recommend ways in which key concerns effecting quality of life in the region could be addressed through the Local Agenda 21 process.


Bath Farmers’ Market (BFM) was the first Farmers’ Market in the UK and was established in September 1997 in response to Local Agenda 21 and the principles of sustainable development. B&NES played a key role in the partnership that set up the Bath Farmers’ Market. It became a Limited Company in June 1998 and is known as Bath Farmers’ Market Limited.

Bath Farmers’ Market (BFM) started in September 1997 as a monthly market and then due to customer demand began trading twice monthly in October 1998 and then in May 2002 we began trading weekly.

The company was established to:

  • Provide a producer-managed market place for local producers to sell their own product direct to local people

  • Maintain its leading role in encouraging both innovation and growth that meets the principles of sustainable development and encourages environmentally friendly practices

  • Supports small or new producers

At Bath Farmers’ Market you will find quality, fresh, seasonal produce at a fair price. The goods are sold directly by the people who produce them and everything usually comes from within a 40 mile radius of Bath – if we cannot source locally we sometimes extend beyond the 40 mile radius.

There are a range of stalls selling seasonal organic and non-organic vegetables, meat including beef, rose veal, pork, lamb, salt marsh lamb, venison, game and chicken. Fish, mushrooms, strawberries, asparagus, freshly baked bread and sweet pastries. Various Award winning local cheeses (including soft cheese, goats, ewes and cheddar) pates, savoury pies including meat pies, pasties, quiches and pork pies. Cakes, including gluten free, speciality cakes for weddings, birthdays etc. chocolate patisseries, soups, and free range eggs. Teas, tisanes and roasted coffees. Apple juice, honey, chutneys, marmalades, jams, sauces, mayonnaise, oils and dips. Nutritious vegan and vegetarian food and handmade chocolates. Plants, herbs and flowers.

Bath Farmers’ Market has pride in being the first Farmers’ Market in the UK – we are sustainable and grant free – something we are enormously proud of.

It’s the accountability, the personal service, the vibrant atmosphere and the social aspects that make the Bath Farmers’ Market Ltd a great place to come and visit every Saturday at Green Park Station, Bath between 8.30 – 1.30.

We have a dedicated and loyal customer base – we make friends with the customer.

If you should require a copy of BFM Application Form or a copy of BFM Rules and Regulations please click the links below.

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