Membership details

What are the basic criteria for joining the market?

  • A key ethic of the market is to provide an outlet for local producers who use environmentally friendly methods.
  • The following details are an excerpt from the General Regulations which are given to prospective stall holders. See contact details below.
  • You must be selling your own produce
  • Fundamental to the "Farmer's Market" concept is that all products sold on a stall are actually produced by that stall-holder. The actual definition of what constitutes "your own produce" is as follows:
  • Beef: animals must be on the producer's land by their 20th month and spend the final third of their life there.
  • Chicken: table poultry may be bought-in as day-old chicks, but not older.
  • Pork: animals must be on the producer's land by the beginning of their 10th week.
  • Lamb: animals must spend the last two-thirds of their life on the producer's land.
  • Wild meat and game: fresh meat can only be sold if shot or captured by the actual producer within the 40-mile radius. Bought-in wild game can only be sold if it is "processed" e.g. smoked, made into another product such as a pie, sandwich or pate, within the 40-mile radius. Skinned and butchering are not considered here as "processing".
  • Plants: Plants have to be "managed" by the producer for at least the last six weeks before sale.
  • How big is the space allowed for each stall?

    Each stall has a 6 foot frontage. For markets when there are fewer traders we will allow stalls to take more frontage space; for Markets when there are more traders we will begin to restrict the frontage space as necessary.

    Electricity is available
  • What does the space for a stall cost?

    The cost of a stall, at present, is £20.00. The Market Manager can, at her discretion, offer a discount. Each case is considered on its merits.

  • How much is membership of the market?

    Membership is currently £25.00 for a full member and £15.00 for an Associate Member. You have to be a member to trade at the BF. The committee may admit a new applicant as a probationary member (Associate member) to serve a reasonable probationary period . An Associate member shall be entitled to speak at General meetings, but shall not be entitled to vote or be elected to the Committee. Membership runs for a twelve month period.

  • How close does our business have to be to the market ?

    Members have to produce within 40 miles (as the crow flies) of Bath. At the committee's discretion this can be increased if we feel that the product is something that will enhance BFM, i.e. more variety and unusual products.

  • The principal producer must spend at least one full day at the market out of each three market days. The principal producer is defined as the person in full control and supervision of the individual steps of production (e.g. the owner of the business, or the principal vegetable-grower for a vegetable stall), or such other person as the Committee may approve. The stall must be managed by a representative who, in the opinion of the committee, is well-informed about the production and distribution of the products.
  • Can I put my name at the front of the stall?

    Each producer can post a "name-board", which will include the member's name, business name, address, phone number and where applicable organic certification number.

  • Do I need any hygiene certificates?

    All members who sell any food or drink products at the Market must have a valid nationally recognised food hygiene certificate.

  • Do I have to prove that my produce is organically grown?

    "Organic" claims must be certified by a registered body and displayed in the name boards, and traders must not make any unsubstantiated claims.

  • Members will maintain high quality produce, and honest and informative labelling. Prices for all products will be displayed before sales commence.
    Traders will avoid excessive hawking and present honest and courteous salesmanship.
  • Is there a rubbish disposal service?

    Traders are responsible for safety, sanitation, providing rubbish bins if necessary and removing all debris.

  • Do I need any special insurance?

    Members must maintain public, employee, and products liability insurance, unless there is pre-approval in writing from the committee.

What are the opening and closing times?

Opening and closing times will be decided by the committee and are, at present, 9.00 am to 2.00 pm.

Further clarification of the above details can be obtained from Laura Loxton - Tel 01225 824197 fax 01225 825600 email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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