General Rules & Regulations Of The Bath Farmers’ Market Limited


1. These regulations were updated on 3rd June 2010 and supersede any previous regulations.


“the Market” means the Bath Farmers’ Market Limited, a company limited by guarantee under the Companies Act 1985;

“member” means either a full member or a provisional member, except where there is specific reference to a “full member” or a “provisional member”;

“membership” means the entire group of full members as shown in the Register of Members of the Market;

“the Chair” means any person elected or appointed to perform the duties of the Chair of the Market;

“the Secretary” means any person elected or appointed to perform the duties of the secretary of the Market;

“the Treasurer” means any person elected or appointed to perform the duties of the treasurer of the Market;

“the Committee” means the board of management of the Market, and

“the Market products list” means the Market’s list of products for sale, made up from product lists supplied by each member as a condition of membership

3. The registered office of the Market shall be Bailiff’s Cottage, Compton Green Farm, Compton Dando, Bristol BS39 4LE.

4. The funds of the Market shall be held in an account as a local branch of a Bank or Building Society. Withdrawal of funds shall require the signature of the Treasurer and one other Committee member.

5. The Market will trade at Green Park Station, Bath and will be held every Saturday of every calendar month or at intervals as determined by the Committee. The Committee will notify all members of any change in the dates of holding a market.


6. MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS: An applicant will be:

(1) a producer, meaning someone who grows or manufactures food or drinks or other related products and wants to sell direct to the public;

(2) local, meaning the production of the items for sale must be on premises within 30 miles of the city of Bath. The 30 mile radius can be extended if the Committee feels that the product offered will add variety and interest to the Market and cannot be sourced within the 30 mile radius

(3) able to demonstrate a concern for the environmental impact of the production and distribution of the food for sale;

(4) willing to attend a full day’s trading at the market at least one in three market days;

(5) able to provide quality produce that will add variety and interest to the existing range of products at the markets, and

(6) familiar with, and willing to abide by the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Market and these general regulations.

7. The Committee may deny a member the right to trade at the market due to space limitation or for other reasons.

8. The Committee will review each complete application that is submitted, and will notify the application of its decision within 14 days of receipt of the application. The Committee’s decision is final, and any funds included with the application will be refunded if the application is unsuccessful. A complete application must include:

(1) a Membership Application Form with all questions answered;

(2) a Products List, attached to the Membership Application Form, showing the entire range of products to be sold at the markets;

(3) if an Organic producer, a copy of the Soil Association Licence

(4) a £25.00 deposit against the first year’s membership fee;

(5) the signature and date of the principal producer on both the Membership Application Form and the Products List; and

(6) any other information that the Committee may ask about the production and distribution of the foodstuffs to be sold.

(7) The Committee may allow a group of producers to join as one member, to pay a single membership fee (either full or provisional) and a single rent, and to trade with a shared stall, provided that in the opinion of the Committee:

a) the group as a whole meet the general conditions for membership;
b) all of the members of such a group are “amateur” or non-commercial producers; and
c) the group has provided a list of producers and their products.

9. The Committee may require an applicant to become a provisional member for a reasonable time before becoming a full member. Provisional members may attend and speak at general meetings, but cannot vote and cannot serve on the Committee.

10. The annual membership fee is £25 for full and provisional members. The stall rental for each day’s trading is currently £25.00 but the Committee may at their discretion vary this charge. Any changes in the membership fees or the stall rental charges will be clearly described and notified to all members, and will apply to all members.

11. Payment of rent is due a month in advance, or by arrangement with the Market Manager. Members must notify the market manager in advance if not attending, otherwise rent may be due even with no sales.

12. The Committee will maintain the Market products list and keep it up-to-date. The Committee must pre-approve any traders, products or practices not listed. The Committee will produce a directory of products available at the markets, which will be available to the public.

13. Members will be required to supply information to the Committee about their trade, for the purpose of better management of future markets. The Committee will be responsible for making use of the information, and for maintaining confidentiality. Information about members may be held on a computer.

14. The Committee will appoint inspectors to do reasonable spot inspections during normal working hours at any premises used by a member for products sold at the markets.

15. The Committee will appoint a market manager, whose responsibilities will include on-site management at each market, enforcing compliance with all the regulations, and deciding all disputes on the day; disputed decisions may be appealed later to the Committee.

16. All products sold must be produced by the member and on the Market products list. There may be seasonal or special circumstance exceptions, but only with pre-approval of the Committee.

17. The principal producer must spend at least one full day at the market out of each three market days. The principal producer (“the producer”) is defined as the person in full control and supervision of the individual steps of production (e.g. the owner of the business, or the principal vegetable grower for a vegetable stall), or such other person as the Committee may approve. On every trading day the stall must be managed by a representative who, in the opinion of the Committee, is well informed about the production and distribution of the products.

18. Each members will post a “name board” which will include the member’s name, business name, address, telephone number and where applicable the organic certification number.

19. All members who sell any food or drink products at the Market must have a valid nationally recognised food hygiene certificate, which they will bring to the Market.

20. “Organic” claims must be certified by a registered body and displayed on the name board, and traders will not make any unsubstantiated claims.

21. Members will maintain high-quality produce with honest and informative labelling. Prices for all products will be displayed before sales commence. Traders will avoid excessive hawking and present honest and courteous salesmanship.

22. Genetically modified ingredients and irradiated products will be avoided

23. Processors of food will emphasise home-produced ingredients and local produce, where possible. Bakery producers will avoid commercially prepared dough mixes or fillings.

24. Stall for organic members may be grouped separately from those for non-organic members, and all market advertising will state that both organic and non-organic produce is sold.

25. Traders should be ready to trade when the market opens, and not leave until closing time. Opening and closing times will be decided by the Committee, and at present are 9.00 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.

26. Traders are responsible for safety, sanitation, providing rubbish bins if necessary and removing all debris, and abiding by all Market, Local Authority and other relevant regulations. Scales must be certified for trade.

27. Members must maintain public, employee and products liability insurance, unless there is pre-approval in writing from the Committee.

28. No smoking will be allowed at the markets, neither by traders and their staff, or by members of the public. Traders and their staff must present a clean and professional appearance at all times.

29. Members will be encouraged to deal with complaints quickly and fairly. Members must inform the Committee or the market manager of any formal complaint made. The Committee will endeavour to help resolve outstanding complaints.

30. Members at all times will act to support the aims of the Bath Farmers’ Market Limited.