We are pleased to have two new traders to Bath Farmers Market this coming Saturday 12th May 2012, Wraxall Vineyard and Harvest Oils. 

WRAXALL VINEYARD lies on a beautiful warm south- facing slope which is situated between the Mendip and Quantock Hills in Somerset. It is the perfect location for growing a variety of grapes that capture the very essence of English Wine.  Wraxall is a medieval name meaning a nook of land frequented by buzzards. You will see from their label design that they have chosen the buzzard to be their company logo.

HARVEST OILS Bath Harvest Rapeseed Oils is high in mono-unsaturates and contains half the saturated fat of olive oil, Bath Harvest Rapeseed Oil preserves its health-boosting properties even at high temperatures.  It’s thanks to the Romans - who introduced oil seed rape to this country – that they can produce their golden oil. Rather aptly, they farm in beautiful Somerset countryside on the doorstep of Aquae Sulis – the Roman name for the City of Bath.  Their family have been farming at Wilmington for three generations. They are a Duchy of Cornwall farm consisting of arable and beef production with over six hundred acres of land.  They follow sustainable farming practices to ensure that, wherever possible, they help to preserve and protect the countryside and it's environment - perfect for Bath Farmers Market!!   If you live closer to Somerset than you do the Mediterranean and want a local, low food-miles product then give 100% British Bath Harvest Rapeseed Oil a try!

Please see "TRADERS THIS WEEK" for an up to date list of traders due at the Market this coming Saturday.  Please contact Laura if you have any queries/concerns regarding Bath Farmer's Market  Ltd on 0777 969 7278.